Lithuania Couples Things to Do

Whether you are arranging a romantic retreat for the first time or perhaps you’re looking to essence things up along with your loved one, Lithuania provides plenty of activities. This captivating European nation surrounded by Sweden, Denmark, Poland, and Latvia has a great deal to offer travelers.

Meals & Refreshments

Among the best things you can do in Vilnius will be the restaurants and bars which make this metropolis famous for their delicious delicacies. Try a few traditional Lithuanian food, such as Cepeliny (potato dumplings), Chlodnik Litewski (cold beetroot soup) and Linea sprats.

Museums & Galleries

If most likely a history buff, there are several museums and galleries that will charm you in Lithuania. With regards to case in point, the Emerald Museum in Vilnius has a extensive collection of silpada from a lot more than 70 million in years past and also comes with a shop where one can buy jewelry pieces manufactured from this precious material.

Aside from these, there are lots of other museums and galleries and museums in Lithuania to see. For example , the Trakai Island Fortress is a must-see and can be reached through the Old Village on a neighborhood bus for only a couple of pounds.


If you’re wanting to get out of the metropolis and experience some of Lithuania’s pure beauty, kayaking is a fantastic option. You may also choose from a number of guided tours which will take you to some of the wetlands and jungles that Lithuania houses.

Passionate Hideaway

With respect to many seeking a getaway from the hubbub of lithuanian women modern life, Lithuania has many private private cabin rentals which might be booked for that romantic escape. There are even treehouses and «Fifty Shades of Grey» influenced rooms to choose from, perfect for your romantic get away from!